IACS Corrosion Engineering Ltd

  IACS Corrosion Engineering

IACS Corrosion Engineering Ltd is able to supply a full range of specialist materials and equipment for cathodic protection projects.

Materials and equipment available and/or supplied on past projects have included:

IACS Corrosion Engineering  ac mitigation devices
•  ac current density coupons permanent and portable
•  cable
•  carbonaceous backfill
•  concrete test facilities
•  dc supply and test cable
•  earthing electrodes
•  flange insulation kits
•  galvanic anodes
•  impressed current anodes
•  monobloc isolation joints and insulation flanges
•  permanent reference electrodes
IACS Corrosion Engineering•  potential measurement coupons
•  pin brazing equipment•  sacrificial anodes
•  reference electrodes
•  surge diverters
•  test and junction boxes
•  transformer-rectifiers

IACS Corrosion Engineering Ltd has well established long-term suppliers and manufacturers for specialist equipment, enabling all Client specified requirements to be met at competitive prices.

IACS Corrosion Engineering Ltd also provide specialist materials for AC interference mitigation and control including a.c coupons and decoupling devices to discharge a.c. current to earth off cathodically protected pipelines.

1cm2 AC coupons for monitoring AC
interference on pipelines
Decoupling devices to discharge AC
current (40A) off pipelines
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